Helps Learning

Helps Learning

Top Trumps was launched in the UK in the 1970’s and is widely regarded as a fun, easy to play educational tool. Aside from reinforcing numeracy and literacy skills via the game play, Top Trumps also promotes social inclusion, and develops self-confidence as kids, regardless of demographic, intelligence, or ability can confidently utilise their knowledge about the content they love.

In the UK, the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) carried out research and published a report in 2011 demonstrating the developmental benefits of children playing Top Trumps.

The study demonstrated that Top Trumps helped promote positive learning outcomes for those who took part in terms of literacy, numeracy and decision-making abilities. Specifically, the study remarked that this was down to the fact that the children could:

  • practice reading skills
  • learn new words or mathematical terms such as units
  • exercise number skills such as comparing heights, weights, dates, or rating scales
  • hone decision-making skills/ ability to make choices
  • develop lateral thinking and strategic play
  • find out and retain new facts and figures


The children also recognised the educational benefits of the game, but were almost universal in their assessment that it was a ‘fun way to learn’. The game was also shown to improve social skills and boost confidence and self-esteem due to the interactivity of the game, which resulted in older pupils organising elements of the tournaments and supervising younger children.

Finally, the study showed that the Top Trumps gameplay helped the children learn how to both win and lose with grace. The high speed nature of the game, coupled with the variety of choice means it is almost impossible to win every game but were able to keep it in perspective as ‘it’s just a game’. This attitude meant that there were less arguments or divisive behaviours seen whilst playing the game compared to other competitive activities such as football.

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The educational benefits of Top Trumps filter through whether playing with Baby Animals or Star Wars, however we have developed a range of education titles on topics such as the Wonders of the World, US Presidents and the out of this world phenomena of Space. These decks hold additional educational value as children are subsequently consuming a world of information on these topics.

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